Will write for electricity!

On your marks, get set, WRITE!…or not…

So I’m trying to make a living as a freelance writer. Well ‘make a living’ is probably stretching it a bit. Well actually it’s totally stretching it. Think Loom Band type stretching. I’m trying to pay my electricity bill by doing some freelance writing.

As a relative newbie, it really doesn’t seem to pay that much. Being a freelance writer seems to be the one contradiction of the supply and demand rule. Yes there are endless freelancers. But there is equally an endless supply of jobs. Many of which go unanswered.

It gets frustrating when people want an intermediate or expert level of writing and have set their budget at less than $20 for 1000 words of well researched content.

Sometimes I just want to send those clients with $5 budgets a message just to tell them how ultimately shit their attitude to freelance writers is. I mean, come on. Meanwhile they have ‘expert required’ selected as their required writer level. If you offered to pay your cleaner $5 for the visit, how much help do you think you would get? I face palm every time I see it. My eyeballs are actually getting sore from all the rolling.

I know they can get cheap writers in Asia – let’s name no specific countries here – but mostly those are not native English speakers. You only end up paying someone else to proofread and edit it.

On top of that the platform I use takes a juicy 20% off most of my earnings…thanks lads.  Then I pay fees to get the actual money to me. So yeah, financially rewarding it is NOT.

I don’t write just for money. It’s my way of keeping my brain active, my way of asserting some mental and financial independence. It is draining though;  my perfectionist self won’t let me churn out crap and yet I spend far too long doing research, reading and rereading. So the money earned is negligible against the time invested. /Sigh/

Nonetheless I think – no I feel – that I must continue. I need it. I open up my content articles and I read them and I feel proud, because the quality is great. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have so many repeat clients across so many different industries.

I’ve edited novels. I’m working with startups. I’ve done content for web design companies, asset management companies, florists, service app creators, social media management companies, tech product reviews, parenting blogs and more.

I think it might be time to invest in myself though. I have to raise the rates and put a price and a value on my own time.

Even if that means I never get another job again (which is quite likely because everyone seems so damn cheap).

What’s that? … oh the electricity company is calling me again…






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